Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

Buying and using The Salvation Army Thrift Store, National Recycling Operations (NRO) Gift Card means that you accept the Terms and Conditions below. These Terms and Conditions may be revised from time to time by The Salvation Army at its sole discretion.

Buying your Gift Cards

Our Gift Cards are only available for purchase at our participating Thrift Stores found at Currently, we don’t sell electronic Gift Cards (e-cards) and we don’t sell Gift Cards online to be mailed to your house. Please note that our Gift Card sales are final: we cannot cancel your purchase or refund you once you have bought the Gift Card. Our Gift Cards can only be purchased using cash, debit, or credit card.


When you purchase a Gift Card, our staff will immediately activate it for you upon payment, and then it will be ready for use. A card that hasn’t been activated has no value.

Using your Gift Card

Our Gift Cards are only redeemable for in person purchase of goods at our participating Thrift Stores. Note that the physical card must be presented when making a purchase, we cannot accept a picture of it, a photocopy of it, or any other replica of the original Gift Card. Please note this is not a debit or credit card, it is a prepaid method of payment. When you go to one of our participating Thrift Stores, you can decide to pay the full amount of the purchase using your Gift Card (if your balance is sufficient) or part of the amount due, and the remaining balance with another payment method. Consequently, your Gift Card balance will be updated each time you use it, and it can be used for future purchases. When you pay using one of our Gift Cards, that purchase receipt will always show the current balance of your Gift Card. You cannot combine two Gift Card balances into one.

Redeeming your Gift Card at Participating Thrift Stores​

Please note that Gift Cards can only be redeemed in Canada and at any participating location found at

Our Gift Cards are Reloadable​

You can add value to the card and use it as many times as you want. Please visit your local participating Thrift Store to reload your Gift Card using cash, credit or debit card. Please note that the minimum reload value is $10 and the maximum value is $300.

Gift Card Balance

Please visit your participating local Thrift Store and our cashiers will be able to assist you with this. When you pay using one of our Gift Cards, that purchase receipt will always show the current balance of your Gift Card.

Our Gift Cards are non-redeemable​

Our Gift Card are not redeemable for cash or credit, except where required by law.*

*In the province of Quebec, if the balance of your Gift Card is $5 or less, we are required to refund this amount at your request.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or for use without permission​

You should treat your Gift Card as cash. You are responsible for all transactions on your Gift Card, including unauthorized transactions. If your Gift Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, your Gift Card cannot be replaced Note that we will not be liable or responsible if someone else uses your Gift Card without your permission, you lose it, or if someone steals your Gift Card and uses your balance.

Our Gift Cards do not expire​

There is no expiry date or does the value on your Gift Card ever expire.

You cannot resale our Gift Cards​

Our Gift Cards are fully transferable. Since it’s not a personal Gift Card, you can gift it to friends or family members. However, you cannot resale your Gift Card without previous consent by us.

Additional Terms and Conditions​

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

The courts of the Province/Territory where you purchased your Thrift Store Gift will have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any matter related to the purchase and use of our Thrift Store Gift Card.

We reserve the right to hold for review, suspend, cancel, or refuse the use of any Gift Card if there is a suspicious of fraudulent activity, or if the Gift Card is altered, damaged, or defaced.

We do not permit the use of our name, trademarks, and logos for the purpose of advertising, as an endorsement or promotion of a product or service, or for any other purpose without our prior express permission.

Our Gift Cards cannot be used in any way that is indecent or illegal, or in a way that negatively impacts on our reputation.

If you have any questions regarding our Gift Cards Terms and Conditions, please contact