Frequently Asked Questions

The Salvation Army in Canada owns and operates all Salvation Army Thrift Stores and has done so for more than 100 years.  In urban communities across Canada, the majority of Thrift Stores are overseen by The Salvation Army National Recycling Operations (NRO).  Those not operated by NRO are overseen by Salvation Army ministries such as the local church or Family Services.

By shopping and donating at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, you help give and support The Salvation Army’s programs, services and emergency relief efforts that nurture the capabilities, skills and strengths of our neighbours and friends. 

Please contact The Salvation Army Family and Community Services in your area to find out how they can help you. Visit The Salvation Army Canada’s website for a location near you.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store gratefully accepts donations daily at our Donor Welcome Centres located in each of our Thrift Stores. Donors can drop off their gently used clothing, textiles, housewares, electronics, toys, media and books, accessories, antiques and collectibles. For more details on donating please visit our Donations page.

Of textiles donated to us, we estimate less than 5 per cent finds its way to a local landfill, the remainder are sold in our Thrift Store or recycled with ethical recycling suppliers with proceeds supporting those in need. These suppliers are able to recycle the textiles to be used carpet padding and even upholstery stuffing. Learn more in our Impact Report.

We are happy to take it all! We welcome partners – whether they are other organizations, municipalities, or businesses, that can assist us in continuing to make a difference for our communities and the environment.  Funds generated through recycling go back into the community by supporting local Salvation Army social programs and services.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store provide valuable savings by following standardised price points which are a true reflection of current standards and practices in both charitable and for-profit organizations. Our pricing standards take into account factors such as quality and condition, seasonality, brand name, uniqueness and rarity.  

The Salvation Army Thrift Store sells gently-used clothing, housewares, and other items generously donated by the public. We also receive donations of brand new product including clothing, toys, housewares and other items from local businesses. 

15-day exchange on Clothing, Footwear, Bedding & Linens with receipt and tag attached. All other items are final sale.

We love our seniors and offer 10% OFF daily at our participating locations. This discount is given to any individual 60 years and older. Please note that a senior’s discount cannot be combined with another promotional offer. 

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