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Textiles Tuesday: Embracing Secondhand as Your First Choice

October 16, 2023

Today, we are celebrating Textile Tuesday as part Waste Reduction Week. While each themed day of Waste Reduction Week is important, Textiles Tuesday is especially meaningful to us as it raises awareness on the environmental consequences of clothing and textiles consumption, and provides information on how you can extend the life of your clothing and make more sustainable choices. 

At The Salvation Army Thrift Store, we are committed to making secondhand the first choice in our communities by encouraging reuse and recycling through donating and shopping thrift. In fiscal year 2022-2023, we made a tangible impact on our environment by diverting more than 87 million pounds of clothing and household items from landfills. In addition, we raised $787,082 with the support of our guests and donors to provide additional support to the work of The Salvation Army.

Making secondhand your first choice

Here are some facts and stats* on how choosing secondhand makes a difference:

How to Repair Stained Clothing
On average, we only wear 50% of our clothes – the rest sits unused in our closets.

Consider donating clothing you no longer need, allowing your pre-loved items to bring joy to others within our local communities.

Two young women holding shopping bags after a trip to their local Salvation Army Thrift Store with the store pictured in the background. Shift to thrift to save money, save the planet and help neighbours in need in your community
Canadians on average purchase 70 new articles of clothing a year.

Instead of buying new, explore our 96 stores across the country to discover thousands of Fab Finds at affordable prices. By doing so, you contribute positively to your community as, outside of administrative expenses, every dollar raised through our stores supports vital local Salvation Army programs and services.

It is estimated that 10.5 million tonnes of clothes and textiles in North America are lost to disposal every year.

We have 116 Donor Welcome Centres in Canada to make it easier and more convenient to donate, and all donors receive a 20% off coupon as a token of our appreciation.

This Textiles Tuesday and all other days, we encourage you to make secondhand your first choice so we can collectively continue to contribute to the circular economy and caring for our communities and the planet we share.

* Facts and stats published on the Circular Economy Month website