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Our Donors Share Inspiring Stories of Giving and Making a Difference

July 12, 2023

Donations are the lifeblood of our organization, and to celebrate Give Something Away Day, which is observed on July 15th, we had the privilege of interviewing some of our amazing donors at our Mississauga and Guelph stores in Ontario. Their stories and valuable tips serve as a testament to the positive impact of giving to our local communities and the planet we share! Read their stories below:


“The annual community pick-up with another organization didn’t happen this year, and I would rather donate to The Salvation Army Thrift Store”, says Andrew. “I feel better knowing that my donations will be useful here as opposed to just going to the dump.” Andrew’s commitment to making a difference led his family to take on a challenge where they collected 500 items from their home that were no longer being used. Their generous act resulted in several boxes filled with donations that found new purpose through our Guelph Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Lori’s dedication to minimizing waste and ensuring the items she donates have a second life reflects her strong commitment to making a positive impact on both the environment and those in need. “We don’t throw anything away; everything is donated, reused, recycled.” When asked about the criteria for sorting items, she wisely shares, “As long as donations are clean and can be used again.”


After experiencing a difficult loss with her mother’s passing around Christmas last year, Leanne found solace in donating to The Salvation Army. “I feel great donating my items to The Salvation Army because I know you guys are always at the forefront and ready to help. When I came in around Christmas time, the store looked like my mom’s house because of all the items I’ve donated here!”, says Leanne. She also shared some valuable tips for encouraging others to donate, saying, “Since I had my mom’s whole house to tackle, I tried setting up stations to categorize all of the items we planned to give away. I stopped counting after gathering over 20 garbage bags of items to be donated and spread the generosity of these items all around; to my local church, down to the Dominican Republic, and to the Guelph Salvation Army Thrift Store.”

Lourdes explains that her main motivation to donate to us is because “this organization makes things for the community”. She also offers valuable advice for potential donors, stating, “Make sure donations are clean and ready to use, imagine that you are going to wear it, you’re going to use it.”


Decluttering and doing good for the community were Barb’s main reasons to donate these beautiful, preloved scarves at our Mississauga store. “My drawers were full, and I wasn’t wearing all that stuff. I always donate here, it’s an easy and useful thing to do. Supporting the community is a good thing to do.”

Our heartfelt thank you to Andrew, Lori, Leanne, Lourdes, Barb and all our amazing donors across Canada. Without your generous donations and continued support, we would not be able to care for our communities and the planet we share!