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Kreating Kindness Through Donations

February 18, 2022

Ken Lowe from Winnipeg, MB, brings us this week’s feel-good Saturday Sunshine. In retirement, Ken saw an opportunity to pursue a new passion project, while also helping to support his community by donating his work to his local Salvation Army Thrift Store. In 2020, Ken started a small business called Kens Kreations, where he turns his love of craftsmanship into small hand made wooden decorations, keepsakes, signs and more – but making money wasn’t Ken’s goal.

“I am blessed to not need the money from selling my work,” says Ken. “My interest in supporting The Salvation Army’s Thrift Stores is twofold – to help raise money for the programs and services they offer but also to make available home decorations and ornaments to people of limited means.”

Looking to contribute to the work of The Salvation Army in Winnipeg, Ken dropped off a box of his “kreations” at the Empress Thrift Store last Christmas season. He left a note with the box offering to donate more of his work if desired, which was gratefully welcomed by Winnipeg District Manager Chris Kerr.

“So far, I’ve provided Chris with a box full of Valentine’s Day items and have plans to provide him with some everyday items, as well as some designs specifically for Mother’s Day,” says Ken. “From there we’ll see how it goes and hopefully this can work out into a long-term arrangement. My hope is to set up a line of faith-based items for the Thrift Stores to carry.”

Ken, a retired I.T. worker and devoted Christian, happily spends his days woodworking. His favourite tool is a scroll saw, a power saw with a metal work surface and a very thin blade that Ken uses to create his detailed and intricate wood work. Learn more at

Thanks to Ken’s generosity and thoughtfulness, thrifters in the Winnipeg area can take home their own Ken’s Kreations while also helping to support local Salvation Army programs and services.