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Inspiring the Next Generation of Thrifters

April 23, 2021

The challenges of COVID-19 have taken many forms, including for students and teachers as they navigate learning experiences during a pandemic. For Briercrest Christian Academy teacher Judy Guenter, getting the materials that her students needed for their course’s 20th annual quilt project was no exception.

The local fabric store field trip in Regina was something that her students looked forward to each year, but the pandemic left her looking for an alternative solution for the class while also keeping cost and accessibility top of mind. Due to its look and durability, denim was the material of choice for the project. After organizing a collection within the class for old denim jeans from home, the students still did not have enough material.

Just when Judy thought the project may not be possible this year, a trip to the Regina North Central Thrift Store changed everything. Seeing the store’s wide selection of jeans, Judy reached out to the Store Manager, Samina, who made sure that the students could complete their textiles project.

“I wanted to ensure that all students could participate in this project without finances having to be an issue,” said Samina. “It is our purpose to help.” Alongside her team, Samina collected large blue jeans that had not been sold in the store and provided them to Judy for her class to use. “I was just dancing out of the store,” said Judy. “We have enough for next year as well!”

When she returned to school, she shared the materials and story with her students. “I was basically in tears saying ‘Look at how God provided for us. This is so incredible,’” said Judy. “I didn’t know how I was going to provide a project for the class that would be a meaningful keepsake from high school and look at what happened.”

Using denim from the Thrift Store, the class created 18 patchwork quilts in a thrifty upcycling project perfectly suited to Earth Month. The finished quilts were such a success that they were even displayed in their community Quilt Show.

“Samina was the one that turned all of this into a possibility,” said Judy. “Her attitude was everything. Being sensitive and connecting with one another is at the heart of your store and organization. We just want to say a huge thank you for helping us during this difficult time.”

Inspiring the Next Generation of Thrifters - Quilt Process
Inspiring the Next Generation of Thrifters - Finished Quilts