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High School Students Show Passion for Helping Those in Need

March 16, 2023

Abhinav and Noah are two students with a passion for helping families and individuals in need in their community. Both are of the age of 15 and attending high school in Etobicoke. Together, between the period of December 26th – January 8th, they took the initiative to collect clothing donations from families in a nearby community by canvassing door-to-door. At the end of their charity event, they collected approximately 420 articles of winter clothing, which they donated to their local Thrift Store in Mississauga.

Abhinav and Noah have known each other since grade 5 and chose to donate to The Salvation Army Thrift Store because as Abhinav said, “The Salvation Army is a multi-dimensional organization, that has widespread impact and donations that reach the right people.” For Noah, what inspires him is how “The Salvation Army Thrift Store provides a variety of things that cater to everyone’s needs.”

To make their charity event a success, they implemented a strategy. Noah, who shows support to his local community by doing small acts of kindness for neighbours such as mowing the lawn, had the task of scouting out a community that would be a good fit for the event. While Abhinav, who is also committed to helping his neighbours, applied his skills in design to create a poster which called for clothing donations during the holiday season.

The posters, which were circulated around the community, included Abhinav’s contact information so that Donors could reach out to him directly if they had further questions about the event or to provide a more convenient time to donate. To keep their commitments to their Donors, Abhinav and Noah braved rainy days and cold weather and collected donations even when drenched by rainwater!

Donating to The Salvation Army Thrift Store made them feel good and that the work we do truly resonates with them. “The Salvation Army will always have a special place in my heart,” added Abhinav.

We truly appreciate Abhinav and Noah’s support for going above and beyond to make this generous contribution to our organization and thank them for helping us care for our communities and the planet we share. If you are interested in helping your community and supporting The Salvation Army Thrift Store, we encourage you to host a Donation Drive. For more information, please click here.