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Four Good Reasons for Making Every Day Earth Day!

March 30, 2023

As our planet faces growing environmental challenges, we must all take action to protect it for future generations. From planting trees to participating in park clean-ups, there are many ways you can help save the Earth. However, if you want to commit to making a positive long-lasting impact in the environment not only on Earth Day but every day, we encourage you to make a shift to thrift.  

Here are four good reasons for you to make this commitment today and help save the planet we share: 

Reason # 1 - Avoid sending more textiles to the landfill

Did you know the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second (UNEP, 2018)? Instead of throwing out your pre-loved clothing and contributing to textile waste, you can donate them to your local Thrift Store. We make your donation count by giving them a second chance to be repurposed, restyled and re-worn countless times by selling them at affordable prices in our Thrift Stores. Another great option is to upcycle your old clothes into something new. If you need some inspiration, follow us on social media to check out our creative experts’ tips on upcycling. 

Reason #2 – Make a positive impact in the environment while caring for our communities

By shopping and donating with us, you are helping care for our local communities and the planet we share. Last fiscal year, The Salvation Army Thrift Store diverted over 79.8 million pounds of clothing and household items from local landfill, which displaced over 800,000 tonnes of carbon emissions – the equivalent of planting over 37 million trees. We also provided 5,158 vouchers to neighbours in need who shopped for $467,232 in essential items at our Thrift Stores free of charge. Not to mention that, outside of administrative expenses, every dollar raised through our stores supports local Salvation Army programs and services. 

Reason #3 – Extend the life cycle of your reusable bags

Did you know that for a reusable bag to be environmentally friendly, it must be used several times? For this reason, we have launched our Reusable Bag Library program in our Thrift Stores across Canada. Through this program, anyone in our community can donate their extra reusable bags, so we can offer them to our Guests free of charge when they shop with us. In your next visit to your local Thrift Store, you can contribute to a greener community by donating your reusable bags or borrowing one from our Reusable Bag Library.  

Reason # 4 – Save the planet and your pocket

As a non-profit organization, at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, our Guests do not pay taxes on most items. On top of that, we offer special savings at our locations such as exclusive offers to our email subscribers, student and senior discounts, and donors receive a 20% off coupon as a thank you for donating. In celebration of Earth Month, we are running our #EarthLovesThrift campaign from April 1st to April 22nd, when we will be sharing special promotions, quizzes, contests, and more to highlight how shifting to thrifting helps care for the planet we share. Learn more here. 

Whether your motivation is saving money, being more environmentally conscious or discovering vintage and unique finds, making the shift to thrift is a triple win: good for you, good for the planet and good for our communities!