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August 06, 2020

As a double-breasted blazer from the 2018 Ralph Lauren Spring collection, I was destined for greatness. When Christopher picked me up from the Holt Renfrew downtown Toronto, I instantly became his go-to blazer. For two years I travelled across the world, from business meetings in Tokyo to golf trips in Scotland. But when the 2020 Spring collection came out, I was replaced by something new. When Christopher brought me to The Salvation Army Thrift Store, I thought my glory days were over. I had no idea then, but my journey was just beginning. I was about to become much more than a fabulous designer item.

After I was sorted, priced, and put out on the floor, I was only on the rack for three hours before Jeff scooped me up. Jeff was looking that day for something he could wear to an interview. He had been looking for a job since being laid off a few months earlier and was having trouble securing work. Jeff was struggling to make ends meet for himself and his daughters, and relied on Thrift Store vouchers from his local Salvation Army Community and Family Services to access necessities like clothing and household items free of charge. The voucher program enabled Jeff and his family to shop for items like me with dignity at a time when they needed help the most. I was a perfect fit, and the confidence I gave Jeff made a real difference when he was struggling. Jeff was wearing me when he got his new job, and I will never forget that feeling.

Being donated empowered me to really matter for someone who needed a helping hand. There’s power in giving at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, and thanks to Christopher and Jeff I feel like the most powerful blazer in the world.

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