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Celebrating Eldon & Helen’s Retirement

April 25, 2023

We love celebrating our staff’s milestones and retirement stories and wanted to highlight two individuals – Eldon and Helen who retired in March.

Eldon spent his career at Thrift Store in Vancouver and moved to several different stores over the span of 13 years. After working at the Port Coquitlam, Hastings and North Vancouver locations, Eldon joined the New Westminster store team in 2019 where he has recently retired as the Store Manager,

Eldon enjoyed his time at The Salvation Army Thrift Store and said, “When you work at The Salvation Army, you feel a sense of value because The Salvation Army really helps the community while saving the earth.”

He also valued his colleagues, mentioning that although he was the final decision maker, he and his staff worked together as “partners”, to reach the same goal when serving Guests and raising funds for campaigns.

Helen is another star employee who dedicated 6 years of service to the Jane Thrift Store and will be truly missed as she enjoys a well-deserved retirement. When we asked Helen about what she liked the most about all those years working at our organization, she shared that “everything makes it great! The purpose is to help people and you also get motivation from the staff and sense of value. The staff work together as a team. They care and want to do their best.”

Helping Guests and communicating our mission as a charitable organization also made her job special and enjoyable.

As a final thank you, we would like to express our gratitude for Eldon and Helen’s dedication and contributions to The Salvation Army Thrift Store and wish them all the best in their retirement!

From left to right: Shu, Addy, Julianda, Norma, Helen, Maria, Lisa, Gretchen, Steven (in front)