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Celebrating Brighter Days

October 04, 2022

August 22, 2022, marked the launch of our Brighter Days GoodWorks@Work® campaign to raise money in support of The Salvation Army’s International Development work, which ran until September 17th, 2022. Thanks to the generosity of our Guests and Donors, our Thrift Store locations across the country raised an impressive $72,755.

Previously held annually in March, the campaign was on hiatus for the past two years because of the pandemic. This year, it was back in full force to support various programs overseas including the Nomeolvides Day Care Centre in Argentina, the Community Outreach Support Programme for Street Kids in Kenya, Child Development Centres in Sri Lanka, and the Bali Boys and Girls Homes in Indonesia. 

In Argentina children from the southern neighbourhoods of the Maria Goretii and Ex Aero Club have dropped out of school and faced hardships such as abuse, addictions, food insecurity, and child labour. The Salvation Army’s Nomeolvides Day Care Centre helps to improve their lives by providing a space where they can feel accompanied, listened to, and above all, valued.

In Kenya, campaign funds will help make a difference in the lives of 1,350 children and youth experiencing homelessness in three different communities. With The Salvation Army’s support, children and youth are given access to facilities and environments in which they can learn, play, share and relax. They are also encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills to become contributing members of their communities.

Children in Sri Lanka who attend The Salvation Army’s Child Development Centres are vulnerable and can no longer stay in their homes as they face abuse from family members or are orphaned. At the centres, these children are given a safe place to stay, healthy food, proper education and good foundational experiences that all children should be afforded.

Finally, our Brighter Days campaign also helped provide children attending the Bali Boys and Girls Homes in Indonesia with a non-formal education to enrich their futures. By helping them acquire skills in baking, wood working, and tie dye, as well as agricultural projects to grow their own food, they will have a source of income for when they leave the centres. As Deby, one of the children attending these homes, said: “I believe that we have a better future because of the support from Canada Sponsors.”

With the help of monetary donations from our generous Guests and Donors, we have given these children and youth a future full of Brighter Days.