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Celebrating 4 Decades of Service

January 29, 2022

It was 1973 when Lily joined The Salvation Army Thrift Store, National Recycling Operations (NRO), team at just 16 years old. 49 years later, she is about to enjoy a well-deserved retirement after her last day with the organization on January 31st.

“I just love customer service,” says Lily. “Over the years I have worked with so many different people and I have learned a lot from everyone, from our guests to our managers. I never knew that so many people are so different. Some people are just lonely and just want to come to store for a smile and for someone to greet them. I love giving people a smile and asking them ‘how are you’ and they appreciate that.”

Currently a cashier at the Mount Pleasant Thrift Store, Lily has held many different positions with the organization over the past four decades after migrating to Canada in 1971 from Fiji. Her career with NRO began at a warehouse in Vancouver, where she joined her two sisters who also worked for the Thrift Store. All three sisters enjoyed long tenures with the organization, with one retiring after 30 years and the other after over 20.

After being a full-time employee for nearly 50 years, as well a full-time mother, Lily is looking forward to a change of pace in retirement. With her newfound time, she is looking forward to spending more time with her family, including her husband, three children, and three grandchildren. 

Lily will certainly be missed at the Mount Pleasant Thrift Store, where she is a beloved face for staff and Guests alike.

“Lily is a pleasant, friendly, happy person and a delight to work with,” says Mount Pleasant store manager, Sue, who has known Lily for over 15 years. “We will miss her smile!”

We wish Lily all the best in the years of retirement ahead of her!