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September 14, 2020

We asked members of our shared communities to nominate students in need of a helping hand to receive a Back to School Thrift Store gift certificate, and we are thrilled to announce our latest recipients:

$200 Gift Certificate Recipient – Tiffany

“I have four siblings from the ages of 6 to 20 and we all live together. My mom is our only guardian and handles everything since the rest of us no longer work due to COVID. Please help me and my siblings surprise my mom, it would mean the world to her.” – Tiffany   

Tiffany’s mother usually works three jobs to provide for her children. As a result of the pandemic, she has only been able to continue at one of those jobs as a nurse and essential worker. This has put her under increased stress as she does her best to make ends meet.

“Back to school is always such a stressful time for my mom since she’s the only one providing,” says Tiffany. “Due to the quarantine, it is a little bit harder. I know that this will really take some weight off her chest.”

Tiffany is 17 years old and has two older sisters and two younger sisters. She describes her family life as “never a dull moment when we’re all together.” Tiffany and her siblings plan to add their $200 gift certificate to the pool of money they have already saved together to spend on schools supplies for all five children.

“My family and I are over the moon right now,” says Tiffany. “I can’t express how much this means to me. We cannot wait to put the gift certificate to good use.”

English and History are Tiffany’s favourite subjects and she loves to write and learn new things. She hopes to one day become a lawyer fighting for social injustices and environmental issues.

$100 Gift Certificate Recipient – Arianna

 “I would like to nominate Arianna. She is a going into grade 8 and she is a grade A student. One of Arianna’s favorite things to do is to thrift shopping. Being thrifty has helped to teach her the value of money and also the environmental benefits to recycling items and donating. I cannot stress enough how deserving she is to win. Please help making her return to school a little easier and joyful.” – Arianna’s mom

Arianna is the youngest of two children in a single parent home and an active sea cadet within her corps. The pandemic was particularly hard on her because of the many opportunities she missed during the summer, including the absence of cadet camps and summer jobs.

Arianna was also a runner up for the Provincial Heritage Fair, where the prize was a visit to the Cariboo Trail in France and Belgium for 10 days. When the competition was cancelled due to the pandemic, she was crushed to see all her hard work mean nothing.

Although Arianna is not particularly fond of school, she is very fond of shopping at her local Kenmount Thrift Store. “I like thrifting because it’s affordable and I can find a lot of cooler, more interesting clothes,” says Arianna. She is excited to see what back to school items she can find with her gift certificate.

Arianna hopes to continue her involvement with the Armed Forces after graduating, and is interested in joining the Canadian Coast Guard. “My brother was mostly my influence, because he’s really into history. There’s a lot of opportunities, and it’s really fun.”

$50 Gift Certificate Recipient – Ali

 “I believe my nephew Ali is a good candidate as he is starting his degree program at Seneca College this September. He is new to Canada and is living with his grandparents while he pursues his studies. He is away from his parents and siblings and he is very determined to support himself. He has been looking for a job but because of COVID it’s hard to get one. This would help.” – Mariam, aunt   

Congratulations to these deserving students – we are so thankful to be able to help in some way. To nominate someone that needs some extra help preparing for the school year, simply send an email to with the name of the person you are nominating, as well as an explanation of why you are nominating them. Nominations will be accepted until September 7th, 2020.

Thank you for your ongoing support as part of The Salvation Army Thrift Store community. Together, we are helping build stronger communities.