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September 18, 2020

We continue to give Back to School Thrift Store gift certificates to deserving students who have been nominated in our communities. We are humbled and happy to announce our latest recipients:

$200 Gift Certificate Recipients – Adina & Stefan

 “I would like to nominate my kids for the chance to win $200 gift for the start of school year. Adina is 13 and Stefan will turn 11 in a few days. I am grateful to have such wonderful kids. I wish they could have the opportunity to shop for some clothes and school items they would need in the coming school year.” – Raluca

In September 2018, Raluca was rear-ended in a highway collision that changed not only her own life, but the lives of her children as well.

“Not only do they have to watch their parent suffer but they had to step up and start doing almost everything around the house,” says Raluca. “From cooking and cleaning, to laundry and outside work. Through it all they never complain and all they wish is to find ways to make me feel good.”

From buying small presents that they know she will enjoy, to offering a massage or cooking her favorite meal, Adina and Stefan are always trying to support their mother.

Due to her accident, Raluca is on long-term disability with a reduced income. Over the past two years the family has been able to buy only basic necessities, so Raluca nominated her children to give them a chance to shop for back to school clothes and other items to help them start the school year with confidence.

Adina is starting grade 8 in Airdrie, AB, and is looking forward to the culinary arts program as she loves cooking and baking. She hopes to one day become a veterinarian. Stefan starts grade 6 this year and is excited to see how junior high school will be. He is interested in becoming a policeman or engineer one day. Adina and Stefan are both looking forward to reconnecting with friends at school, and can’t wait to find some back to school clothes at the Airdrie Thrift Store.

$100 Gift Certificate Recipient – Elle

“I’d like to nominate my son’s girlfriend, Elle. This young lady has dealt with a bipolar disorder since the age of 10.  She’s been living on her own since 18, without family support.  She has always worked and just prior to COVID, she lost her job. I know clothing is going to be the last thing she can afford.” – John

Elle is attending Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, NS, this year. She is responsible for paying her rent and all other expenses on her own, and has limited contact with her family, who live in Europe. This isolation has become increasingly difficult during the pandemic. Elle is used to being on her own and always worked to support herself, but when the restaurant she was employed at went bankrupt a few months ago, she lost her job and has not been able to find one since.

With the help of her Thrift Store gift certificate, Elle will be able to shop for back to school clothing to transition her wardrobe into cooler temperatures without worrying about still covering her other expenses. Good luck at university, Elle!

$50 Gift Certificate Recipient – Christopher

 “I would like to nominate my paper boy Christopher. He delivers to my house each week in the heat, rain, snow, and even now during the pandemic. He delivers the paper wearing a mask and gloves and always has a smile and wave for us all. He leaves us special notes at Christmas, Easter and Canada Day. I know he has a paper route so he can help buy some things that his mommy and daddy sometimes cannot. This would be an amazing gift for his family to help them out with buying fall and winter clothes for him.” – Sue