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August 29, 2020

During these challenging times, we asked members of our shared communities to nominate students in need of a helping hand to receive a Thrift Store gift certificate to get ready for the school year. We are so excited and honored to be able to announce our second Back to School nomination gift certificate recipient: KJ & Kimberely from Ontario.

“I nominate my two children to be shared recipients. They are ages 11 and 9 and are very excited to go back to school. They both have reading disabilities, yet I have watched both of them challenge themselves above and beyond. I am a single mother, and I have never taken them back to school shopping.”

KJ and Kimberely have never been back to school shopping, and this year Kimberely asked her mom if they could go for the first time. As a single parent without family support, Carla struggles to make ends meet while getting her two children the extra support they need.

“What this gift certificate means to me, is that my kids get to feel as worthy as anyone else when it comes to being prepared to learn.”

At their local Thrift Store, KJ and Kimberely will be looking for cold weather wear as fall and winter approach, including long sleeve shirts for KJ and leggings and dresses for Kimberely. Mathematical supplies like pencils, sharpeners, and calculators are also on the shopping list. One of Carla’s children has been diagnosed for Dyslexia while her other child is on a waiting to be tested for learning disabilities, and both have struggled with mental health as a result of the difficulties related to dealing with these challenges.

“I am very proud of my children because in the public school system they are not often understood, and although there have been a lot of challenges, both of my kids remain kind to others and work very hard through their personal hardships. My son loves animals and my daughter loves artwork. Kimberely loves school and cannot wait to go back. KJ hasn’t really loved school in the past but is happy to get back at this point!”

The family are regular Guests at their local Thrift Store, and volunteer to ring the bell with their church during the Christmas Kettle campaign each year. With this $200 gift certificate, KJ and Kimberely will be able to experience the fun of back to school shopping and start the school year with confidence.

To nominate someone that needs some extra help preparing for the school year, simply send an email to with the name of the person you are nominating, as well as an explanation of why you are nominating them. Nominations will be accepted until September 7th, 2020. For more information, click here.

Thank you for your ongoing support as part of the Salvation Army Thrift Store community. Together, we are helping build stronger communities.