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Clothing & Housewares Haul Finds Under $10

May 28, 2024

From casual overalls to cute pottery bowls, Anna’s thrift haul proves why secondhand shopping is the best kind of treasure hunt! Which springtime find is inspiring you to hit up your local Thrift Store?

Casual Overalls - $6.99

Anna’s first score was a pair of overalls for $6.99. Overalls are super trendy and perfect for any casual occasion, like gardening or hanging out with friends.

Necklaces - $1.99/ea.

Accessories can make any outfit pop, and Anna found two beautiful necklaces for just $1.99 each. These necklaces add the perfect touch of sustainable style to her outfits.

Grey SS Blouse - $3.99

She snagged a short sleeve grey blouse for $3.99. It’s simple, stylish, and goes with anything, whether she’s pairing it with jeans, shorts, or a skirt.

Black LS Blouse - $3.99

Next up, Anna found a strapped long sleeve black blouse for $3.99. This blouse is both elegant and versatile. It’s perfect for a night out or a casual day look. The long sleeves make it great for cooler weather, too!

Bowls - $2.99/ea.

In addition to clothes and jewelry, Anna discovered some adorable pottery bowls. She got two pastel green bowls and one with a cute cat face, each for $2.99. These bowls are perfect for adding a fun touch to her home décor.

Video contributed by: Anna Lee of There She Goes, Salvation Army Thrift Store Collaborator

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