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Sustainable Dreams: Hosting a 2024 DIY Vision Board Night with Thrifted Finds

January 03, 2024

Video contributed by: Vanessa Fonte, Salvation Army Thrift Store Collaborator

As we step into a new year, filled with endless possibilities and aspirations, what better way to kickstart it than by turning dreams into tangible goals? Hosting a DIY vision board night with friends adds a touch of creativity and shared inspiration to the mix. Elevate the experience by incorporating thrifted finds from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for an eco-friendly twist. Get inspired with Vanessa:

Materials Needed:

Magazines: Gather a diverse collection of magazines to provide a wide range of images and quotes that resonate with each person’s vision for the year.

Scissors: Ensure everyone has a pair of scissors for precise cutting. This step allows participants to pick out specific images or phrases that speak to them.

Scrapbook Paper: Use thrifted scrapbook paper as the canvas for your vision board. This adds an artistic touch and provides a solid background for arranging cutouts.

Picture Frame: Hunt for a vintage picture frame at your local Thrift Store. Your vision board will not only be a visual representation of your goals but also a stylish piece of décor.

Glue sticks: Opt for eco-friendly glue sticks to adhere your chosen images to the scrapbook paper. This ensures that your DIY night remains sustainable from start to finish.

Candles & Candleholders: Set the mood by including thrifted candles in your collection. These not only add a cozy atmosphere but also symbolize the energy and passion you’re infusing into your dreams.

Glassware: Experiment with thrifted glassware to add a personal touch to your space. Whether you use it for holding pens or as a decorative element, it adds an extra layer of creativity.

Ribbon: Incorporate thrifted ribbons for a playful and colorful element. This small detail can enhance the visual appeal of your vision board.

Steps to Host a 2024 DIY Vision Board Night

Thrift Haul:

Plan a group trip your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to source the materials. Encourage your friends to find unique items that resonate with their 2024 goals.

Set the Scene:

Arrange your candles and fill your glassware with your drink of choice. Feel free to add in some music too using preloved CDs or records!

Cut and Paste:

Dive into the magazines and start cutting out images and phrases that align with your vision for the year. Allow everyone the freedom to express themselves through their choices.

Arrange and Glue:

Experiment with different arrangements before committing to glue. Once satisfied, glue your chosen elements onto the scrapbook paper.

Frame Your Dreams:

Place your finished vision boards into the picture frame to complete the look and give your creation a polished and personalized touch.

Share and Reflect:

Share your board with your friends: discuss your goals, dreams, and the significance behind each element chosen. 

Hosting a DIY vision board night with thrifted finds adds a layer of sustainability and uniqueness to the process. It’s not just about creating goals; it’s about doing so in a way that aligns with mindful living. So, gather your friends for a 2024 thrift haul, and let your creative visions for the new year come to life!

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