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Vintage Plate Wall Art DIY

June 08, 2021

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert 

I’m a big fan of a super simple upcycling projects such as this easy peasy DIY! All you need is a vintage plate from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store and some adhesive lettering. For myself, adhesive lettering makes this DIY even easier and much less messy.

Finished product - Vintage Plate Wall Art DIY


  • Vintage plates
  • Plate hanger
  • Adhesive letters

STEP 1: Thrift your vintage plates >

Drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for some funky vintage plates and prepare to be amazed by their wide selection – you’ll be able to choose from various colours, patterns and sizes.

Adhesive lettering beside thrifted vintage plate

< STEP 2: Buy adhesive lettering

Once you’ve chosen your plates, it’s time to visit your local dollar store or craft store for adhesive lettering. For this step, you can choose to use paint or Sharpies then a stencil for the lettering. I decided to stick with adhesive lettering as it’s less on the messy side.

STEP 3: Add your wording to your plate >

You can add one letter per plate or a whole word or saying onto one plate. I added “EAT” to one of my plates as the size and style of the lettering is perfect!

Hanging your thrifted vintage plate

< STEP 4: Hang your wall art

Once you’ve added the lettering, you’re ready to hang your plate. I used a plate hanger from my local craft store to hang my DIY wall art.

Vintage plate wall art hanging with photo graph, quote and mirror

And ta-dah! My vintage plate is now on my living room wall. Easy peasy and looks awesome!