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Thrifty Gifty: DIY Gratitude Board

November 29, 2022

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Transform a thrifted frame into a gratitude board where you and your family can share all that you’re thankful for. Your local Salvation Army Thrift Store is your go to stop for most of the supplies for this easy DIY.


– thrifted frame
– cardboard
– cork panels
– secondhand fabric, burlap or whatever material you have on hand
– duct tape
– paint
– Mod Podge
– sponge brushes
– tissue paper
– stencils
– Sharpies / pencils

Step 1: Thrift your frame

Hit up your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for a frame. You’ll want a frame that’s medium to large in size. Remove the glass and clean your frame. If need be refinish the frame.

Step 2: Measure, cut and glue your pieces

Use the glass insert to measure out a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard then use Mod Podge to glue the cork panels to the cardboard. Allow to dry. You may want to add books or something heavy to help keep the cardboard flat while the glue dries.

Once the glue is dry trim the edges of the cork board.

Step 3: Add some pizzazz!

Next you can add the fabric to your cork board. This is to add some pizzazz to your board. You can also use the Sharpies to draw a design on the cork. Or leave it as is. I used patterned burlap mesh from my local dollar store and adhered the fabric with duct tape to secure it.

Step 4: Create the base

This is the base of your gratitude board. Now you want to add the featured slogan or saying. You can say “gratitude is the attitude”, “thankful for” or “giving thanks”. I went with “thankful for” and used a scrap piece of cardboard to glue to the middle of my board.

I first added a light coat of paint then mod podged glittery tissue paper to the cardboard. I even added some gold flakes to give the finish a marble look. Once dry, I stencilled “thankful for” to the cardboard and then glued it in the middle of my frame.

Step 5: Hang up your board

Finally I was ready to add a hanger for my gratitude board. And that’s it! I added a few notes on what I was grateful for. A beautiful DIY to feature in your home with all the things you are giving thanks for. #gratitudeistheattitude