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Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour

January 25, 2021

Contributed by: Augustine Pilon (@lamyrtille), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

My love for second-hand objects is not new. I love to find old mirrors, little trinkets, unique frames…Any object for the house that will tell a story and embellish my decor. In this blog, I will be taking you around my home to share my favorites thrifted vintage finds. Not only are these objects beautiful, but they are also often better quality than new items that are produced today. It’s an economical way to decorate your space without sacrificing style.

First up: this lamp, small tortoise tray, candleholder-turned-vase, dried flowers, and small gold accessories pictured below were all found at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I love to mix styles, textures and colors. I find it adds life to my apartment.

Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 1
Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 2

Next up: this vintage mirror. I have always loved antique mirrors. Back when these objects were made, in my opinion, the finishing was much more sought after than today. The details were incredible, as was the choice of materials. To add a feminine touch to my decor, I put this mirror on a desk or a shelf.

To continue in the tradition of antique mirrors, here is one of my best finds ever: a huge Victorian style gold mirror, in very good condition. There is a small piece that has been damaged, but I personally find that it adds history to it. This kind of object adds a chic touch to any decor! Personally, I mostly use it to take pictures of my best outfits (he he!).

Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 3
Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 4

Here is a brass lamp I found at The Salvation Army Thrift Store a few years ago. It has been part of my decor for a long time, but it is still one of my favorite accessories. The curve of the stem, the small ring, the saucer, the bulb, in short, all the details are simply splendid! I don’t know what year this lamp dates from, but I can easily see it in a posh office of a private residence.

In thrift stores, you can always find beautiful frames of all kinds. They are perfect to create a gallery wall, you know those walls filled with different frames that are very popular nowadays. No need to buy new frames when you can find such original ones. Little trick to decorate these frames: I find old books on artists I like in thrift stores (ex. : Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh…) and then I cut out my favorite illustrations. On the bottom photo, you can see a triptych brass frame where I have displayed my own illustrations.

Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 5
Augustine - Thrifted Home Décor: At-home Tour 6

Finally, if you’re lucky, you can find this kind of rattan display for books and magazines at any thrift store. It is not only a useful object to store your old magazines that are sitting on the coffee table since too many months, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I love the warmth and exoticism that this magazine rack adds to my apartment!

So, what are your best finds for the house?

Happy thrifting! 😊