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Tea Towel Art DIY

March 09, 2021

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert 

I’m quite the eclectic kind of gal and big on adding momentos and cool finds to my wall décor. Thrifting is ideal for finding treasures to funk up your space. I found these vintage Irish tea towels years ago at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store that I’ve been wanting to upcycle for ages. And now I have them as features in my living room and I adore them!

I love this easy DIY for repurposing tea towels into one of a kind wall art.


– thrifted tea towel

– 4 pieces of wood molding 2 ft in length (2 for the top, 2 for the bottom)

– 4 screws an inch in length (this is dependent on the thickness of the wood molding)

– 4 wing nuts

– double-sided tape

– jute

– hardware for hanging your wall art

Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Final
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 1(1)
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 1(2)

< STEP 1

Drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to source a funky secondhand tea towel. I lucked out and found a matching pair of linen Irish tea towels with a vintage print of a unicorn. Wash and iron your tea towel.

STEP 2 >

Next visit your local hardware store to source the wood and hardware for your hanger. I picked up some wood molding for the top and bottom of the tea towel. You’ll need four pieces of wood (two for the top, two for the bottom) at 2 feet in length. This is to accommodate the tea towel at a width of 18 inches.

I then picked up screws and wing nuts. You’ll need four of each (two for the top, two for the bottom).

Note: there are many ways to make your hanger. You can glue the pieces together or wrap them with cord. I chose this option so I could take my hanger apart in case I wanted to replace the tea towels or use them for another DIY.

Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 2
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 3(1)
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 3(2)

< STEP 3

Sand and stain the wood molding.

STEP 4 >

Drill two holes in each piece of wood molding. The holes will be two inches from the ends. This will leave room for the tea towel to fit within the holes.

Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 4
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 5(1)
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 5(2)

< STEP 5

Place double sided tape to the inside of one of the pieces of wood molding in-between the holes. Then place the edge of the tea towel on top of the tape making sure it’s lined up correctly. Now you can insert the screws in the holes and screw the wing nuts to tighten the wood molding together. Tighten them enough to make sure your tea towel stays in place. Now do the same for the other edge of your tea towel.

STEP 6 >

Now that your tea towel has a frame, you’re ready to add a hanger along the top. I used a thick jute and an old piece of hardware. First I made a loop out of a knot then placed the loop within the back of the hardware, tightened the hardware and then did the same on the other side.

Note: you can also wrap your cord around each end of the wood molding. Or use screw in eyelets for your code. There’s a lot of options!

Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Step 6

Now that you’ve added the cord, you’re ready to hang your tea towel. I hung mine in the corner of my living room. They sure are beautiful as wall art!

Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Final(1)
Denise DIY Tea Towel Art Final(2)