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Sweet Valentine’s Day DIY

February 08, 2021

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert 

Valentine’s Day is always about sweetness and love. And what better way to combine the two than chocolate covered thrifted spoons. Dip these into your sweetheart’s morning coffee or into an evening’s cup of hot cocoa. You can keep it simple by coating your secondhand spoon in chocolate or decorate them with coconut, nuts, or marshmallows.


– A selection of thrifted spoons
– Dark, milk and/or white chocolate
– Microwaveable bowls
– Mixing spoons
– Cookie sheet
– Parchment paper

Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY Final-1
Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 1

Step 1:

Drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for a selection of teaspoons. Try to find ones with some decoration along the stem. It’s fun to mix and match so don’t feel like you have to find a matching set.

Step 2:

Gather your supplies. Microwaveable bowls for your chocolate, a variety of ingredients for the decoration, your cookie sheet covered in parchment paper.

Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 2-1
Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 2-2
Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 3-1
Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 3-2

Step 3:

Break up the chocolate then microwave it. Try 30 seconds at a time. After each 30 seconds, mix the chocolate and continue heating until fully melted.

Step 4:

Dip the end of your spoon into the chocolate covering the back and front. Twirl the spoon and allow the excess chocolate to drip off. Place the spoon on the parchment paper. Once you’ve added your first coat of chocolate to your spoons, place the cookie sheet in your fridge and allow the chocolate to harden.

Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 4

Step 5:

Melt your other chocolate. I used a dark chocolate for the first coat then white and milk chocolate for the second. Add your second coat and allow to dry.

Step 6:

Now you’re ready for a final coat which you can have fun with. Add a coat of chocolate then dip your spoon in coconut or crushed nuts. Experiment with dripping the chocolate. Or find cute decorations like candy hearts or sprinkles. After adding your decorations, allow to dry.

Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 7-1
Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY 7-2

Step 7:

Once your chocolate covered spoons are complete you can package them up. I used wax paper and wrapped the top of my thrifted spoons. I used heart stickers to adhere the wax paper then used green pipe cleaners along the bottom of the wax paper. I then placed my spoons in plastic bags. I wanted to make sure that the chocolate didn’t get ruined and that my decorations would stay in place for when I gifted the spoons to my Valentine’s.

And that’s it! So easy and so yummy.

Denise Sweet Valentines Day DIY Final