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Summer Décor Thrift Haul

June 28, 2021

Contributed by: Erin Rochon of Erin Rochon Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

It’s officially summertime! Which means it’s also time to refresh our space and bring those summer vibes into our home. I love to revive my décor each season — a fun and inexpensive way to do it is to shop at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to see what Fab Finds you can discover. Here’s a look at some of the thrifty summer décor that I snagged during my recent haul:

Thrifted green gurgle pot

< FIND #1: Green Gurgle Pot

I was thrilled to find this green gurgle pot. This whimsical ceramic pot produces a gurgling sound when pouring a beverage. It is a fantastic ice breaker to have on hand when entertaining.

FIND #2: Wavy Woven Trays >

I love adding natural materials into my designs. This woven tray would be perfect for serving food and drinks al fresco.

Thrifted woven baskets
Thrifted white cube-shaped lamp base set

< FIND #3: Luxurious Lighting

Did you know that 1980’s decor is back on trend? These crisp, white lamps would be a great way to brighten up your space while capturing that 80’s vibe!

FIND #4: Steel Blue Wicker Basket >

Elevate the look of your potted plants by placing one in this basket. It would be a great addition to any porch or patio!

Thrifted steel blue wicker laundry basket
Thrifted circular-shaped wooden bowl

< FIND #5: Tranquil Bamboo Bowl

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous texture and warm tones of this wooden bowl.

I am ecstatic over the success of this summer décor thrift haul. Make sure to hit your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to find some amazing pre-loved summer décor of your own: www.thriftstore.locations. Happy thrifting!