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Outfit Thriftspiration: Spring Runway Trends

March 19, 2021

Contributed by: Mel (@stylemelthrifted), Guest Blogger

In fashion, everything comes back around again, and this year’s trends are no exception. Spring trends for 2021 are basically a highlights reel of decades past, so if you’re shopping for trends a great place to start is your local thrift store. I hit up 4 different Salvation Army Thrift Store locations in Calgary and scored a whole bunch of on-trend pieces. My favourite part of shopping for trends in the thrift store is not only the great deals I find but it also keeps on-trend fashion sustainable.


Sequins are having a moment right now, which is great news for thrifters. There are loads of sequin items just waiting to be rescued from the thrifts – like this new with original tags flippable sequin blazer.  

Sequin Blazer, found at the Horizon Heights Thrift Store.


A holdover from 2020, tropical prints and loud colours are huge this season. I came across so many options for bright florals, it was difficult to narrow down which items to choose! I went with this epic long cardigan to help me feel like I’m on the beach, even if I can’t leave my house.

Cardigan found at the Forest Lawn location.


Sometimes, the items you come across at the thrifts need a glow-up. When I found these shorts at the Salvation Army, they weren’t shorts, but jeans. So, I grabbed my scissors and went to work. From strange skinnies to cute cut-offs, a simple upcycle was all I needed to create the look I was after.

Skinny jeans turned cut-off shorts found at the Chinook location.


Cottage core is still trending, and there are loads of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces at the thrifts that check all the boxes. As a bonus, this one has some ruffle details on the sleeves and hemline, thus picking up on the ruffle trend as well.

Dress found at the Douglas Square location. 


What better place to source this 80s inspired trend than thrift shops? If you’re looking for 80s inspired anything, the thrift store is THE place to find these items, but you might have to dig as they’re in high demand!

Puff sleeve sweater found at the Horizon Heights location.


Another cottage core inspo, Dolce and Gabbanna’s runway was practically patched together this season. This piece needed to be re-worked a bit as well, but after cropping and replacing the buttons, it’s good to go!

Patchwork jacket found at the Chinook location.


Versace’s resort runway for 2021, in particular, featured this unexpected colour combination, and so did my local Salvation Army. This high fashion-inspired look didn’t come with a high fashion price tag though, instead, I paid $12!

Green cardigan found at the Douglas Square location.
Lilac sweater (new with tags!) found at the Forest Lawn location.


By far the most realistic spring 2021 trend is brightly coloured, oversized loungewear. We’re all spending more time at home these days, so we might as well be comfortable, but still stylish enough to run out to the grocery store or walk the dog without having to change out of our pj’s.  

Hoodie and tie-dye sweatpants found at the Horizon Heights location.