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One Shirt, Four Looks

January 20, 2021

Contributed by: Augustine Pilon (@lamyrtille), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

As we all know, the white shirt is an eternal classic. It is not only timeless, but also extremely versatile. With a second-hand shirt found at The Salvation Army Thrift Store as the foundation, I present to you these four different looks using the same shirt. Although this one is white, or rather cream, it’s far from ordinary. It was made in Canada, the fabric is in excellent vintage condition, it is made of 100% cotton (comfort and breathability assured) and its cut is simply perfect.

Look 1: Crop top + high waisted pants

For the first outfit, I opted for a fairly casual style. It reminds me of my summers spent by the ocean with my parents. To reproduce this look, roll up the sleeves and tie the shirt at the waist. Opt for high waist pants that don’t fit too snugly, and… you’re done!

Augustine - One Shirt, Four Looks 1
Augustine - One Shirt, Four Looks 2

Look 2: Classic denim

For the second look, I went with a great classic: denim. When I don’t know what to wear, I grab my favorite pair of jeans and match them to a white shirt. For a “boyfriend” look, you can leave the shirt out of the pants. If you want a slightly more fitted look, don’t hesitate to tuck it into your jeans.

Look 3: Preppy layering

As you can see, the third look is a variation of the previous one. I kept the pair of “jeans + shirt” outfit and added a vintage sleeveless cardigan, also found at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. This kind of cardigan is very trendy right now and I am such a fan of it! Its preppy look reminds me of my college years.

Augustine - One Shirt, Four Looks 3

Look 4 : Parisian chic

Finally, I saved my favorite look for last. Here, I am wearing a black mini skirt, a lined turtleneck, reminiscent of the 90s, found at the SA Thrift Store and of course, the good old white shirt. For this last outfit, I wear the shirt open, kind of like a jacket. To add a little touch of color, I opted for this pretty purple beret. I love to play with different codes, mixing styles. This look is a bit edgy, but still quite classic. Do you like it?

Happy thrifting ! 😊