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3 Cozy Fab Finds with Musemo

November 03, 2021

We partnered with Musemo of @misslionhunter, Halifax influencer and thrifter extraordinaire, for this guest blog collaboration.

Thrifting will forever be one of those experiences that gets me excited...

…because you never know what you will find!

During my first time visiting the newly opened Salvation Army Bedford Commons Thrift Store, I hoped I’d find some good homewares.

I’m currently hunkering down for my winter hibernation so I’m on the lookout for elements that will make my home as cozy as possible.


Nothing says cozy vibes than lighting a few candles in the home and sitting down to a cup of tea and a good book. I found these sage coloured candle holders tucked away on a shelf and instantly felt that rush one gets to grab something before someone else does! The grooves, the details, and the color are perfect for my aesthetic!


You know in the movies when a character comes home from a long day, and they have a bowl of some sort where they throw their keys and empty their pockets into? I’ve been looking for something like that! Yes, a bowl is easy to find, but I wanted mine to be art piece, something that could also be a conversation starter. The waves and the tone of this structure all come together to create the piece I’ve been looking for!


Back when I started thrifted, I was OBSESSED with clip on earrings! The accessories section would be my first stop and I’d always be in awe of the retro pieces I’d see. As my style has evolved over the years, my earring addiction has subsided but spotting these beauties the other day, really took me back! The gold hardware, the subtle green gem and that 80s nostalgia made this find something I just had to have!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pieces I found and how I incorporated them into my life.

May you find the best treasures on your next adventure to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store!

Until next time,