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Layering with Knitwear

December 29, 2021

Contributed by Dom-okoebu Osareme David (@__reme_), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

Hi everyone, in today’s blogpost I’ll be talking about layering. Fall/winter season is my favourite season because I get to play around with my clothes a lot more. The weather can be very unpredictable sometimes and because of this, I try to layer as much as possible so that I’m prepared for any changes in the temperature during the day.

When layering, the idea is to have an inner layer that provides comfort by keeping the skin dry. A mid layer (insulating layer) provides warmth and lastly, the outer layer (shell layer) which works as protection over the other two layers. My main goal when layering is to be as warm as possible while also being stylish. In this blogpost, I’ll be sharing how I layer two of my favourite knit wear pieces at the moment.


The first piece of knitwear is my green sweater I thrifted a while ago. I did a little DIY where I cropped it because I wasn’t quite happy with the length. In this look, I was trying to play with earth tones so,I layered a brown mock neck shirt underneath and on top of the sweater, as my outer layer I threw on my brown coat. To complete this look, I wore a brown pair of wool trousers and my Dr. Marten derbies.


The second piece of knitwear is this beautiful cream coloured v-neck sweater. I was going for more of a casual look. In this outfit I layered a white t-shirt underneath and as my outer layer, I wore a letterman jacket and to complete this look I wore a pair of beige chino pants and my metallic red Jordan 1’s.

That concludes today’s blogpost. I hope you all stay warm and stylish and have a great rest of your week.