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How to Shop for Cute “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

December 14, 2020

The phenomena of the “ugly” Christmas sweater and festive holiday party continue to be staples of the season. While holiday parties are likely to look much different this year, festive wear is here to stay and a great way to spread Christmas cheer. Here are three things to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect “ugly” Christmas sweater at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store that you can wear with confidence. 

1. Reflect your style

 If your style is more classic and understated, choose a basic Christmas-patterned sweater. If you appreciate a good pun, lean in to the “punny” sweaters that showcase holiday humour. Whatever style you choose, remember to wear your sweater with confidence. This is one of those occasions where you can embrace the challenge and find the “ugliest” Christmas sweater possible that you feel comfortable wearing.  


2. Pair with basics

For a casual party, the perfect way to complement your “ugly” Christmas sweater is to wear it with your favourite pair of jeans and booties. Keeping the rest of your outfit on the simpler side is a great way to ground a “loud” holiday sweater. For an added festive twist, pair red or green pants with the outfit! 


3. Check different sections and sizes

Try layering a sized-up holiday sweater over a collared white shirt for a chic look that is both festive and stylish. If you are a female, men’s sweaters can be perfect for a cozy, oversized look. Expand your search beyond whichever section and size you normally shop to find gems that would otherwise stay hidden. 


Christmas comes but once a year, so have fun and be creative! Share your festive finds with us on Facebook and Instagram to spread the holiday cheer, and happy thrifting!