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February Thrift Haul

February 12, 2021

Contributed by Dom-okoebu Osareme David (@__reme_), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. I wanted to share some of my recent finds as I went thrifting at my local Winnipeg Thrift Store recently and I got a couple of interesting items.

The first is this amazing pair of grey pants. I believe they’re a kind of uniform pants but you can hardly tell because when styled properly, they look more luxurious. They were quite long but that’s nothing a handy pair of scissors couldn’t deal with.

The second item is a turtleneck sweater I got at a really great price. It’s really thick and has a beautiful neutral tone, which is great for layering and could be styled with many different pieces. By pairing the turtleneck and pants together I created this grey, almost monotone, outfit which is very on-trend.

The next item is this awesome cardigan. I love it because of how different it is. It has so many different materials and textures. It gives me 90s vibes. I created an outfit with this vest and topped it off with my Jordan 4s to give it a 90s feel.

The next item on the list is this Coca Cola crown wall decor. I got this to hang up on the wall in my hallway.

For the last and final item, I got the Scorpion King VHS tape. This is one of the first movies I saw the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in and I just wanted to feed my nostalgia and add it to my VHS collection.

That concludes my thrift haul this week. I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed finding these items. See you soon and happy thrifting!