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DIY Glass Rope Vase

August 12, 2022

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Sometimes a simple vase just needs a little TLC to transform it into a stunning centerpiece for your home. This DIY shows you how to uplift a thrifted glass vase simply by wrapping it in jute or rope. You can easily add even more pizzazz by embellishing the vase with other secondhand finds like jewelry, buttons, or decorations in these 4 simple steps:


– thrifted glass vase

– jute or rope

– glue gun and glue sticks

– scissors

– paint, buttons, jewelry or any other embellishments

Step 1: Source your vase

Find a plain glass vase at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I sourced a few vases of different shapes and sizes for this DIY. Wash the vase and allow to dry.

Step 2: Setup your space

Set up your craft space. I found some thicker rope at my local dollar store. You can use cord, jute or rope.

I set up my glue gun along with a bunch of glue sticks, put some cardboard down and a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Glue ‘em together!

Start gluing the rope to the base of your vase. Add hot glue then start placing the rope on the hot glue. Glue then wrap and continue until you get to the rim of your vase. Cut the rope then add glue to both ends to ensure the rope won’t unravel.

Step 4: Time to decorate

Leave your vase as is or level it up by adding buttons, jewelry or other items on top of the rope. Or you can add paint to the rope.