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DIY Floral Art Design on Jewellery Tray

March 01, 2021

Contributed by: Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

Hello beautiful people of the internet! I hope you have been well and safe. Lately I’ve been dabbling into painting which has been such a fulfilling and creative experience that has been keeping me busy and sane during this time at home during the most recent lockdown in Ontario. So, I thought I would share this DIY project with you inspired by vintage mirrors that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest! 

Anna - DIY Floral Art Design on Jewelry Tray 1

For this DIY project all you need is any acrylic or gouache paint, a paint brush, and a jewellery box or mirror of your choice. I’ve collected tons of glass jewellery trays over the past few years from my Salvation Army Thrift Store so there’s always a wide unique selection when you shop there! 

Anna - DIY Floral Art Design on Jewelry Tray 2

< STEP 1

Paint the outer shape of a flower: For this first step it helps to see where you would like to place your flowers, and for me I wanted to paint three large ones onto the side of the glass tray so that I can still see them after I place things on top of the tray. 

STEP 2 >

Paint vines and leaves around the flower: For this second step you can free-hand the vines and leaves and go based on what you think would fit around the surface you are painting. For my DIY project I wanted to connect the leaves and vines together so I started to draw the outline first and then proceeded to connect it all together at the end. 

Anna - DIY Floral Art Design on Jewelry Tray 3
Anna - DIY Floral Art Design on Jewelry Tray 4

< STEP 3

Paint in the details: For the final step all you have to do is add in the details of the flowers and leaves. A great tip I have for painting in a rose is to start filling in the rose with ellipse shapes and connecting them together. And as for the vine and leaves you can go a few shades darker and paint it in with lines to give it more depth and shadow!

And there you have it! I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and with this type of DIY craft you can be as creative as you want with it so you can keep it simple or add more to it. I promise you once you start this DIY project you’ll end up wanting to paint on more décor pieces laying around your home! 

Anna - DIY Floral Art Design on Jewelry Tray 1