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Counting Down To Thrift Shop Day

August 21, 2020

Thrift Shop Day is held each year on August 17th and celebrates the many benefits and joys of donating and shopping thrift. Thrift Shop Day is near and dear to us here at The Salvation Army Thrift Store because our guests and donors help us make a difference for our shared planet by contributing to environmental sustainability and for our shared communities by supporting local Salvation Army programs and services.

In honour of Thrift Shop Day our Creative Expert Denise of Thrifty By Design is helping us celebrate all things thrift. We interviewed her about her history with thrifting, her favourite DIYs and, of course, how she plans to spend Thrift Shop Day.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert Denise Corcoran
Denise (pictured) has been a Creative Expert with The Salvation Army Thrift Store for almost three years.

How long have you been thrifting?

I’ve been thrifting since high school so decades. I’ve never not thrifted. Whether I was sourcing inspiring pieces to add to my wardrobe, furniture, home accessories or supplies for my upcycling workshops, I’ve always been up for the thrill of the hunt.

How long have you been a Creative Expert with us?

Since September 2017. Close to three years. It’s been so much fun and I love working with The Salvation Army Thrift Store team.

What is your favourite ever DIY?

Oh goodness – that’s a tough one! I love a simple DIY. It doesn’t take much to restyle a thrifted find into something truly fabulous. I have a few FAVs like repurposing a teapot into a swanky home for a succulent, or jazzing up Mason jars for reusable packaging or storage… And then there are the numerous furniture refinishing projects I’ve taken on over the years.

What makes you so passionate about thrifting?

There are so many reasons why I’m passionate about thrifting…

One is it’s budget friendly. You can buy brand name items but not at brand name prices. 

It’s earth friendly. Purchasing secondhand instead of new means you extend the life of an item. 

And finally it’s personal style friendly. Sometimes you can score those wardrobe standards like a basic pair of skinny jeans that are a great base for an outfit. And other times you can find a piece that’s truly a style definer. I’m always surprised by what I can find whether it’s a vintage piece or a brand name not available locally. It’s so easy to add a bit of funk and pizzazz with a thrifted find!

How will you be celebrating Thrift Shop Day?

Thrifting at my local store! Seems like the perfect way to celebrate.