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Blooming Flowerpot Costume DIY

October 18, 2021

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert 

Crafting your own Thrift N’ Treat costume sure can be fun! There’s nothing better than being thrifty, innovative, and creative while upcycling products. My costume this year is all about being in bloom, which I achieved by creating this beautifully blossomed flowerpot costume DIY. Feel free to experiment with your materials and add your own funky spin to this upcycle.

  • leggings and a top or a bodysuit for the base of your costume
  • base for your planter (this could be a basket, laundry basket, cardboard or plastic planter, cardboard box)
  • felted wool sweater
  • head band
  • garland or fake plants
  • Halloween lights (optional)
  • spray paint (optional)
  • X-Acto knife
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • polyester stuffing or scrap fabric
  • belt, ribbon, or cord to hang your planter
  • plain bag (optional)
  • oil-based Sharpies (optional)
  • a stencil (optional)

< STEP 1: Get thrifty with supplies

The first step is to get those sustainable savings and source as many materials as possible from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Get creative when making a one-of-a-kind potted plant.

STEP 2: Spruce up your planter with spray paint >

Next, I spray painted my cardboard planter a nice bronze. Allow to dry.

< STEP 3: Stitch in your petals

Then I worked on a head piece that would be my petals. I found a green headband then drew a pattern for my petals. I made these out of a felted wool sweater. I stitched the outside then turned it inside out and filled it with polyester stuffing. I then closed the pedal and stitched all of them onto my headband. Tada! I now have the flower part of my potted plant ready to go.

STEP 4: Create the cutout and hangers >

Now I’m ready to cutout the base of my cardboard planter. I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the bottom – take it slow and be careful to avoid cutting yourself. Once the bottom is cut out you can poke holes in the rim for the hangers. I poked 2 holes on each side of the opening of my planter then worked the cord through the holes.

Note: I cut a long piece of cord since I waited until I tried the planter on to adjust the length of the cord. It’s better to have too much than too little!

< STEP 5: Add in your treat bag

We’re almost there! We have our base and our top complete… I was going to source a thrifted watering to add extra umph to my costume, but I went with a plain bag that I had at home. This is for my treats! I stenciled it using some oil-based Sharpies and a stencil. My Thrift N’ Treat bag is a camouflaged as a potting soil bag. Clever, isn’t it?

STEP 6: Put it altogether! >

Our final step is to put it altogether… I put on my leggings and top, then wrapped myself in the garland and Halloween lights. Next step into my planter and adjusting the length of the cords. Finally, I add some fake flowers and my bag of potting soil. If you want to level up on this DIY – get some face paint and go to town!