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5 Tips for Your Next Thrift Haul

March 22, 2021

Contributed by Nicole of Hamilton Hippie@hamiltonhippie

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE….at least I think it is! With that, I think it is high time for a spring thrift haul at my local Thrift Store! In this post I am going to run through my thrifting process – it’s one way to ensure that each trip to the thrift shop is a successful one. I know loads of people struggle with thrifting and always say things like “I just don’t know how to find good things” or “I can be bothered for all that”. Honestly, it really isn’t so much work, and with my thrifting tips your next thrift haul will definitely be a successful one!

TIP #1 - Know before you go!

This is a step I think everyone should do no matter where you are shopping! Look on your favourite website, social media sites, and online shops for items you would like to have for the season and save them to a wish list or mood board! This step is definitely the most work out of all the steps as it requires a bit of time, sorting through what items I really want for the season. My website of choice is Pinterest. I like this website because you can get it as an app on your phone, so it is easy to access. They have loads of trendy lifestyle pictures that can help give you a good idea of complete outfits with the items. I simply save my inspiration images to my thrift haul board and then pull out the Pinterest app on my phone to reference while I am shopping.

TIP #2 - Keep it simple!

This is so helpful and keeps the thrifting experience from being overwhelming. Try to narrow your trip down to a few specific items for a beginner five at the max! It doesn’t mean you can’t browse but I find when I started thrifting I would often leave with things I didn’t really need or love. Narrowing down that process before I visit always helps me find what I actually want/need.

For this trip my focus was on five pieces that I wanted for spring; these include:

1) A cute tank or top with a funky design
2) A pair of denim jeans for spring, high-waisted, boot cut, or straight leg, not too cropped. Medium to dark wash, fitted
3) A cute and cozy sweater, pastel colours, short, oversized sleeves, knit, patterns
4) Fitted short cardigan in green, blue, or brown, with buttons, long-sleeved, in a short length
5) Cute night/home wear, slips, robes, PJs
6) Cosette
7) Cool odd-shaped candles

TIP #3 - Simple sizing tips!

Another struggle can be sizing vintage items, my rule of thumb is that vintage clothing tends to run small. Therefore I suggest looking at your size and up to at two sizes up! This will help you be more successful in sizing, especially in vintage jeans, they often have NO stretch! Having measurements for yourself on hand can also be helpful when trying to size vintage items.

TIP #4 - Inspect to avoid regret!

These are used items, so be sure to check over your finds before you get to the till, look at the front and the back for rips, small holes, and staining. I will head over to a window if they have some in the shop and hold the items up to the light to take a good look at them. Also, if you think you can take on a small imperfection don’t hesitate to ask at the till what the return policy is and bring up the area of concern, I find the staff are always happy to help and items are usually priced with any imperfections it may have in mind.

TIP #5 - It takes time!

I think the best thrifting happens when you allow yourself to take your time. Thrifting doesn’t have to take all day but I think it’s always best to plan your trip and give yourself some time to enjoy the processes! Golden rule: Thrifting should be fun, not stressful!


Nicole - 5 Tips for Your Next Thrift Haul 1
Nicole - 5 Tips for Your Next Thrift Haul 2

I was able to find most of my items on this trip, like the most adorable knit sweater with the perfect spring colours, and a beautiful housecoat – it is so stunning! I also was able to find a cute green tank that was giving me trendy Pinterest girl vibes and a really cute transparent pattern tank! My favourite find was these Levi’s wedgie fit jeans, I was thrilled when I finally found some that fit me like a glove! All in all another successful thrift adventure at my Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Watch my thrift haul video here.

Nicole - 5 Tips for Your Next Thrift Haul 3
Nicole - 5 Tips for Your Next Thrift Haul 4

So grab your mask, and get on out to the thrift shop and get to hunting! I hope these tips help you feel more confident during your next adventure at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I really believe everyone can become an expert thriftier and make amazing finds!

Until next time,


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