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3 Ways to Style a Flowy Floral Button-up

June 22, 2021

Contributed by Dom-okoebu Osareme David (@__reme_), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

Hi everyone! In today’s blog post I will be styling one of my recent thrift purchases that I introduced in my previous blog post (click here to read the blog if you haven’t already!). I thought it would be a great idea to show three ways I would style it.

Thrifted Flowy Floral Button-up

The item that I will be styling is this beautiful shirt that I got from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store in Winnipeg. It is very light weight, flowy, and breathable which is perfect for summer!

LOOK #1: Timeless treasure >

For my first outfit, I have paired the button-up with a white t-shirt underneath, light-blue denim jeans and a pair of Nike Blazers. This outfit looks timeless while still keeping up with the times. A dynamic duo!

David wearing a thrifted button-up with off-white dress pants and loafers 1-1
David wearing a thrifted button-up with off-white dress pants and loafers 1-2

< LOOK #2: Casual yet classy

The second way that I would style this shirt is to dress it up a little bit but still keep it casual. The way I did this is by pairing the shirt off with a pair of off-white-coloured pants and my Dr. Martens loafers. This is an awesome summer look because of all the light colours offered all throughout the outfit.

LOOK #3: Out and about >

In the last and final outfit, I’ve paired the shirt with a pair of black shorts and a pair of black loafers. This is a great outfit for just about any occasion! I would wear this to out to dinner, to the beach or even just on a very hot summer day.

I hope these outfits will give you some inspiration on how to style your summer shirts. Have a good one, stay cool and stay safe :).