Introducing our New Creative Expert: Thrifty by Design

Denise Corcoran (Thrifty By Design) is a community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things based in North Vancouver, BC. Her passion is to turn ‘junk’ into new and funky pieces. From refinishing furniture found at the dump to repurposing discarded items like wine corks into jewelry, there is no limit to what a bit of time and know-how can create. And save from the landfill.

Sharing her enthusiasm for crafting and upcycling, Denise facilitates ‘Crafternoons’ throughout Vancouver where participants of all ages and skill levels learn how to make things from unorthodox materials. She has also taught a series of classes called Crafting with ‘Crap’ at a local university and at conferences. Recently Denise authored a crafty book called 'Raw Crafts: 40 Projects' from Jute, Burlap and Cork.

To learn more about Denise please visit: