Recycling Centre

In every Thrift Store, thousands of items are sorted, priced, recycled or placed into storage by the production team in our back rooms on a daily basis. The amount of incoming donations changes daily, as do styles and seasons.

Here's How It Works:

Once an item has passed several quality checks it becomes ready to be priced. We price items on coloured tags which helps us identify how long it has been on the sales floor.

The production team members determine the value for the thousands of items they handle daily. They consider quality, condition, style, brand name, seasonality, uniqueness and rarity to determine an item’s price.

Consider that we have the one-of-a-kind, unique items that you will not see anywhere else. We don’t have racks upon racks of the same styles. Whether it’s vintage, retro, trendy or classic, you won’t find hundreds of them on our floors.

While the majority of our merchandise is gently used, we purchase some new products to sell in our stores. This includes high quality, brand new mattress, pillows, box springs and bed frames at a very competitive price. These “new purchase” products are not discounted.