The WEEE Program has been developed by Ontario Electronic Stewardship and the program aims to promote reuse and recycling of unwanted electronics.

Our Recycling Depot and Thrift Stores in Ontario act as collection sites where consumers and businesses can drop off broken or unwanted electronics, including: desktop and laptop computers, peripherals such as mice, keyboards and disk drives; monitors; desktop printers; fax machines and television.

These broken or unwanted electronics are processed at the Recycling Depot where they are handled according to established North American environmental standards.

The Salvation Army's involvement in this program was by no means a fluke. The Salvation Army was a pioneering participant in a similar program in British Columbia. When OES began creating the Ontario program the Salvation Army was front and center in the consulting phase and was one of the first approved collection sites.

Today, The Salvation Army recycles  an average of 10 tractor trailer loads of "end of life" electronics on a monthly basis