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You can afford to say "More is more" when you can find all the pearls at The Thrift Store! I like to call myself a maximalist.  

Pearls, Danier blue suede dress, and satin ruffled blouse from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. 

Contributed by: Style Hunter Fox, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.
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I am a huge fan of Christmas, and my family and I often decorate early,  just so we can maximize our enjoyment of the cozy decor; but when Christmas is over,  I am most definitely ready for a change of scenery. As much as I love putting the decorations up in November (early, I know!), I get equally excited to take them down and inject some brighter colours into our space. 

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I’m Sheri, the quirky world travelling creator behind Confessions of a Refashionista. I am absolutely thrilled to join the ranks of the Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Experts and hope to help inspire others to step away from unethically produced fast fashion and decor and embrace the wonderful world of refashioning and unique thrifted style!

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Sheri Pavlović is the award winning DIY diva and author behind the book series, channel & blog Confessions of a Refashionista, the fabulously crafty corner of the internet packed with step-by-step upcycling tutorials for everything from groovy clothing & accessories to funky home decor + a healthy dose of thrifty style inspiration!

This quirky Canadian creator is an avid upcycler who lived a most extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England, Greece and Germany before finally settling in Toronto after over 20 years spent living abroad.

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I love how New Years Eve gives even the most conservative the licence to put on a bit of glam. What can be discouraging though is how expensive this night can be. Tickets to an event, maybe dinner beforehand, tack on a new dress and that’s a hefty bill to pay right after Christmas! But my “I can Thrift anything” mantra still rings true when it comes to sparkle.

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Costuming is my jam, for myself, friends and family. Not only for Halloween but for many other themed events I will attend over the course of a year. 

I will admit though, I am a costume snob! Those flimsy, pre-packaged costumes do make me cringe! They feel terrible, they look cheep and they make me think of the underpaid factory worker who made that “sexy nurse” possible. When I wear a costume, I want to look like that person in their clothes, not like me in a nylon version of them. That’s where the thrift store comes in!

When I go thrifting for Halloween costumes, I don’t often have to preconceived notion as to what I want to be. Keeping an open mind to what the treasures will reveal to you is when the magic happens! 

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This is Reno. He is a life and business coach with a background in fashion styling (hence his preferred title of Life Stylist.) He spent last winter working in Bali and did a major wardrobe purge before leaving. Now, he’s back in Canada and finding himself pretty bare when it comes to fall clothes. Starting a new wardrobe from scratch would be very expensive, unless you go thrifting with me. 

Being a stylist, Reno knows what he likes but had no idea how much selection and quality was going to be available for him at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. 

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Part 2 of our shopping adventure with Amanda of Rechic Studio & Design at our Kitchener, Ontario location.

Ooooh the 'Costume Party Zone' is in full swing at The Salvation Army Thrift Stores and I couldn't be more excited!

Not only do I love putting together costumes for myself, clients and my family but this is the time of year when all the cool stuff comes out. This is when I find so many rare and unique pieces that get incorporated into blogs and photo shoots that have nothing to do with Halloween or my love for thrifting.

Here are some of my favourites from previous Halloweens that I've thrifted! With some new outfits to come....Stay tuned!!"

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We went on a cool thrifting trip with our Creative Expert Amanda of Rechic Studio & Design at our Kitchener Store!