Fab Finds and Thrifty Advice

2020 Feb

Refreshing and Restyling Jewellery!

It's so rewarding (and environmentally conscious) to restyle an item into something new and fabulous. One of my latest crafty projects included refreshing a rusted necklace. I love the thrill of finding great stuff at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store, but also the thrill… more

2020 Jan

Refashioning Baseball Caps DIY

Happy New Year fellow thrifters and crafters! I'm starting 2020 with a bang by refashioning a secondhand baseball cap into a unicorn hat because this year I'm hitting it outta the ballpark. Want your own team hat? It's so easy to customize an old baseball cap in a jiffy. You can restyle a cap… more

2020 Jan

Vintage Home Decor Thrift Finds

One of my favourite things to do whenever I thrift shop is to keep an eye out for vintage inspired home decor items that can give me the perfect added touch for my home! And since I’m all about the Parisian French inspired… more