Varsity Inspiration

Contributed by: Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Okay here’s the thing, I think I may have just found my ultimate varsity jacket. It literally has an “A” on it which means it was meant to be! I recently went on a solo thrift trip to Salvation Army Thrift Store and as I was leaving the changing room, something told me to check the kid’s section… and so I did. 

There was this red jacket peaking out at the side of the racks and I immediately grabbed it and tried it on. Luckily it fit like a glove so I just had to get it! I think this is one of my best finds this year (is it too premature to say that?) and I’m so happy I found this gem. Needless to say, this was perfect because I could wear it for spring and summer seasons!

 So I encourage all you Salvation Army #Thrifters out there to look in the kids section (and all the sections) because you never know what you may just find. Sometimes things can easily be misplaced or you may just be able to find your very own lucky jacket.