Thrifted Weekend Bag

Contributed by: Tijana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert
                       Creater of the Blog, 'A Plentiful Life'

I have been searching for a new weekender bag for a while now, with now luck.  I was willing to spend around $200 for a nice bag because we head out of town so often and I really wanted to find something I liked.  Last week I was at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store and saw this beauty!  The bag is huge with a nice opening so you can easily see the contents.  The price tag? Only $25!  You might think that is a lot for a thrift store bag, but it looks brand new, has minimal wear and the ones at the department store were half the size and five times the price.

It doesn’t stop there!  The black tank I am wearing is from Michael Kors and also from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Can you guess the price?  It was only $3.

This bag even has gold studs on the bottom which I think will help with the wear and tear, plus it looks great! There are so many finds in store at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. What do you need for your weekend getaway?