A Thrifted Find – Green Embroidered Spring Shirt

Contributed by: Tijana Popovic, Creator of A Plentiful Life Blog and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

Lately I’ve been feeling my wardrobe is tired.  I buy thrifted items each season, but only a few, and at the same time I usually donate items. (Otherwise my closet would be overflowing!) I was feeling the urge to change up my spring wardrobe so I headed to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store to check out what they had.

I wanted a few bright coloured pieces I could easily layer, it’s still sweater season here!  I was tired of dark colours and heavy layers, it felt like time to lighten my wardrobe up a little.  As soon as I saw this green embroidered Zara shirt, I had to have it!  When thrift shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, I always take items I fall in love with into the change room, you never know!

It was my lucky day.  The shirt was a great fit. A nice way to add a little bit of colour and fun to my wardrobe.  If you are considering a refresh of your spring wardrobe from the help of the  Salvation Army Thrift Store I recommend going through your closet first to see if there are items you are no longer wearing.  Right now if you donate at any Salvation Army Thrift Store they have a great #EarthLovesThrift discount coupon you will get in return for making a donation!  It’s win win.

You know me as the one who is always up for a deal and thrift store finds, but I really like quality items.  Like these black leather Calvin Klein slides. I bought them two seasons ago now from Winners.  They were around $75 and obviously an investment, but worth it!  They have held up each season, I walk everywhere in them and they’re really versatile.  Although all of my outfits usually feature at least one thrifted item, I might also be wearing a more expensive piece.

Are there any finds you are hunting for this spring?  Or a colour you’d like to add to your wardrobe? Or a great piece you’ve found at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store?  Let me know below!