Thrifted Festival Outfit

Contributed by: Olivia Aimes, Vlogger and Guest Contributor

One of my favourite aspects about the summer months are music festivals! For a few days strangers stand side by side to share their love of music and art. It feels like an accepting enough environment to rock the outfits that one feels is most representative of themselves. There is glitter and sequins in every corner!

For myself, this year I preferred a less sparkly look but a focus on patterns and fabrics. This thrifted jacket with it's golden embroidery and mesh I think is the perfect staple piece for a music festival. It really adds more character to my more subtle thrifted camisole. 

White is not always the smartest colour to wear in case of rain but festivals are about self-expression so I threw all colour rules out the door for my look. It's loose fit and ripped details is perfect to let in some air during a hot summer day.

You can always count on the Salvation army to have the coolest selection of backpacks! I highly recommend checking out your local shop for your festival outfit!