Thrift Stores & Summer Pastimes

Contributed by: Jess and Jana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Experts
                         Creators of the Blog 'This is Jess and Jana'.

One of Jana's favourite ways to spend down time in the Summer is with an iced coffee and a good book. Not one for bathing in the sun, you'll probably spot her in the shade. Libraries and Thrift Stores are Jana's favourite choices  when browsing for good reads. It's probably better to browse the bookshelves at Thrift Stores when you're not searching for anything specific- otherwise, you may end up spending an hour looking for a certain title and completely overlook some gems! She picked out this one, Girls of Riyadh, on her most recent visit to The Salvation Army Thrift Store where she also got the jean shorts seen above. 

Summers are also the prime season for heading to a music festival or two (Or more, we get it!). Depending on where you live in this big, beautiful country, this pastime can be much more expensive than that book Jana picked up. But hey, there's still plenty fun to be had at small local festivals too. We're from a town of 900 people and have very fond memories of the week-long festival we used to have in the Summer. Jess is headed to Osheaga in Montreal next weekend, so she browsed the Salvation Army Thrift Store for some festival-esque pieces last week. We hunted for fringe, lace, and anything sending us boho vibes. We both love the jagged hemline on this dress she found! (seen above). 

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