Styling Culottes for Spring

Contributed by Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What’s up with those short pants, shouldn’t they be longer?” Well my friends you’re in for a treat because today we’ll be talking about culottes and I’ll be sharing how I style these shiny crazy pants with some of my favorite Salvation Army Thrift Store pieces. 

For those who don’t know, culottes are technically pants but they’re suppose to mimic long skirts— which explains the wide legged look and the length of the pants. Typically culottes are suppose to hit right at the ankle so that you can show off your beautiful shoes! I find culottes super comfortable and airy so I highly recommend them if you’re not in the mood to wear a long skirt for spring. 

For this look I decided to go for an edgy boho look (no surprise here) and pair these pants with my awesome metal buckled belt and blouse from Salvation Army Thrift Store. These two are my FAVOURITE as of lately where I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards these two pieces. And to give this outfit some edge I wore my pleather motto style jacket, some black Chelsea boots, and my fisherman cap. 

Key tip: to give yourself some more added height I highly recommend wearing heels or even low cut shoes that will show off your ankles! 

So try this out for yourself and take more risks with your personal style by trying something new, there’s nothing to lose!