Contributed by: Tijana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert & Creator of the 'A Plentiful Life' blog.

Whether you are heading back to school this fall or thinking of making over a room in your house or moving, it’s always nice to decorate on a budget.  When decorating a room I think the décor budget can get out of control if you let it.  With some planning and budgeting, you can easily create a  room you will love.  The Salvation Army Thrift Store is the perfect option to help with decorating a room.  They always have new décor and home items in stock.

Remember to know what you are looking for before you go thrifting!  What style do you want?  What dreams items are you looking for?  Is there a colour scheme for the room? Here are a list of great every day items you can find at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to bring any room to life.

STORAGE: We all need places to hide our phone chargers, bags or mail.  The Salvation Army Thrift Store close to my house always has great storage options.  There are baskets, vintage boxes and small boxes.  All of these are great to keep your room tidy.

DECOR: Everything from artwork, mirrors, vases, rugs and more can be found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Are you looking for an antique mirror or a vintage rug or maybe a new piece of art for the wall?  There are so many treasures at the thrift store.  The other week I found a great vintage rug for our guest room and it was only $20.

SMALL FURNITURE: Depending on the Salvation Army Thrift Store near you, there may be more options.  The one near me only has small furniture.  You can easily find a desk chair or a small ottoman or a side table.  Remember with thrifted finds that a little paint can bring them back to life and totally transform a piece.

GLASSES: I love thrifted glasses.  If you need glasses for entertaining or are moving into your first apartment or trying to style a bar cart, you have so many options.  You could find a vintage set or mix and match, there are so many great finds.

Those are a few of the items you can find at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to help bring any room to life.  Remember to make your dream list so you know what items you are looking for in store. Happy thrifting!

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