Mini-Skirts, a Summer Must-Have


Contributed by: Jess & Jana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Experts.
                         Creators of the Blog, 'This is Jess and Jana.'

Can we talk brands for a moment? We typically don't hunt them out when we're thrift shopping--if something catches our eye, the brand usually doesn't weigh into our purchasing decision.  What is great, though, is the number of different brands you can find in a single visit to a Thrift Store. We're not big into online shopping.  This province doesn't have an H&M yet. Or ZARA. If we'd mind to, I'm sure there are a bunch more stores we could add to that list! (We're not complaining, we're getting along without them, and the option's always there to buy it online if we really wanted to). 

On our most recent visit, we both found miniskirts we loved. We had a look at the brands this time around. Jess's is from H&M. Jana's is from ASOS (an online shopping marketplace in Europe that we love to check out on Instagram, haha).  There was also an amazing Ralph Lauren skirt, but it didn't fit either of us. Super cool finding pieces from brands that we can't buy new from our local shops.

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