How to rock a crazy statement jacket

Contributed by Anna Lee, Youtube Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Spring is finally here and now the flowers can actually bloom! I’m getting so inspired to experiment with more colours this spring season.  And for today’s post I thought it would be exciting to share with you a favourite jacket of mine and shed some inspiration on how you can rock your very own crazy statement jacket. 

Now you don’t need to have this specific jacket but you can definitely find ways to spice up what’s already inside your wardrobe or find something unique at the thrift store and DIY it. I always like to live by the “Less is more” motto since I wanted the main visual to be on the jacket.

For this look I wore my favourite lace top that I thrifted at Salvation Army Thrift Store in the Parkdale location— it’s been my go-to top especially for an edgy, girly look. And then I decided to pair it with some simple denim with raw cut hems, followed by my favourite pointy chelsea boots, and topped it off with my favourite (and only) beret hat. 

I’m definitely all for bold jackets that make a statement since you can easily dress it up or down for different types of looks. I hope you can find your very own unique jacket that you can DIY or simple buy at the thrift store!