How to Dress Confidently

Contributed by Olivia Aimes, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Guest Contributor

How you dress can be a direct reflection of how you feel. If you're not feeling too swell about yourself, wearing pieces that will make you feel like the coolest chick on the block can boost your confidence! 

Wear outfits for your body type! We all are different shapes and sizes and clothes fit differently on everyone. There are many body types; hourglass, banana, apple, pear, etc. Figuring out which shape you are and dressing for what best fits your shape really does make a difference.

Which part of your body is your favourite festure? You really want to choose items that emphasize these parts and take focus away from parts that you don't want attention on.

Try to keep prices that made you feel great in the past at the front of your closet! If it was a kimono you wore to a festival or a maxi, plaid skirt you wore on a girls night out! These pieces are going to make you feel awesome again!